Waterproof DC Breaker

SKU: 13-50

Size: 30 Amp
Sale price$38.99


  • Combines switching and circuit breaker function in one unit
  • Compact size and surface mount configuration protects high amperage circuits at virtually any location: ideal for windlass, bow thrusters, high power feeds to distribution panels in boat and trucks
  • Trip delay curve accommodates high surge amperage for motor start
  • Push to disconnect button de-energizes circuit for maintenance
  • Latch arm resets breaker after overload, but cannot be held in “ON” position if short remains on circuit
  • 1/4” terminal studs with protective covers secure wiring
  • Waterproof – ideal for marine and truck applications
  • Ignition protected for safe use in gasoline powered applications
  • 30A, 50A, or 70A sizes available

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