Houseboat Parts Accessibility Policy

Houseboat Parts seeks to lower any technical barriers to accessibility on our website and other digital platforms (collectively, “Digital Platforms”) for persons with disabilities.  We understand that individuals with varying disabilities may seek information on our Digital Platforms, and it is our goal to provide access to the content, features and functionality available through our website. 

We have taken a number of steps to make our Digital Platforms accessible. In addition, we will continue to implement commercially reasonable updates to improve accessibility to the content, features and functionality of our Digital Platforms. 

If you are unable to access any content, feature or functionality available on or through our Digital Platforms, please email us at or call us at (606)-340-3191.  We will make reasonable efforts to address the problem, which may include providing you an alternative method(s) for obtaining the content, accessing the functionality or features, and/or fulfilling your request.


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