ProComm IM-AF Inverse Multiplexor

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The ProComm IM-AF Inverse Multiplexor System permits you to simultaneously use your CB antenna as both a CB Antenna and an AM/FM Antenna. There is no tuning necessary. The unit is rated for a 30 watt maximum input and is not designed to work with No-Ground Antennas.

  • Inverse Multiplexor System
  • Simultaneously Use A CB Antenna as Both a CB Antenna and an AM/FM Antenna
  • No Tuning Necessary
  • 30 Watt Maximum Input
  • Works with Standard CB Antennas
  • Not Recommended for Use with No-Ground Antennas
  • Includes 2 Leads: One with a PL259 Connector, One with a Motorola Connector
  • Simple Installation
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - 1 Year

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